A little something about me... 

I was born and bred in NYC. I've spent most of my life living in Brooklyn, and when you meet me, you'll know it the second I open my mouth!  

If you were to ask any of my lifelong friends about my photos when I was younger, they'd all tell you, "Mickey has a HORRIBLE eye for photography!" It was the truth! I did! You see, back then, I lived my life in a haze. My heart was closed and my soul was stifled. I was always on guard and never trusted anyone or anything, including my own heart.

It wasn't until I opened my heart and soul to the world that I was able to see things differently. Not just in people, which in itself was quite amazing, but in the mundane; In the things and places I had seen every day, yet really didn't see at all!

Please, don't ask me what opened my heart and soul. That's a story for another day! However, when it happened, it was an amazing revelation in my life! It allowed me to make new relationships with people that I may never have had a friendship with otherwise. It opened my eyes to a world that I was only half seeing, half feeling...half living.